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Optimization of the unblocked roads in the abandoned pavilion fences in Kaiping City
  • Update:2019-09-02

Recently, the Kaiping City Public Security Traffic Police and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau carried out clearance operations on the abandoned public security posts and fences in various urban districts, further smoothing the traffic roads, beautifying the living environment of residents, and helping Kaiping to create a text.


On August 30th, the city traffic police and urban management personnel dismantled the abandoned security guard posts and fences in the northern section of Shuguang East Road. Due to the continuous development of the society, these booths and fences have long been abandoned. Coupled with the continuous improvement of people's living environment, vehicles are increasing, and the booths and fences occupy some public areas of the community, causing residents to have difficulty parking. Due to unmanned guard posts and fences, garbage and debris have accumulated for a long time, which has become a health black spot and even hindered the fire emergency passage. It has certain hidden dangers to the people's life, health and safety environment.

After the fence of the booth is removed, the traffic police department will scientifically plan the parking space of the community, regulate the parking of residents, and alleviate the difficulty of parking. The demolition of the abandoned guard post fence further solved the dirty and messy phenomenon in the community, optimized the living environment, dredged the traffic roads, and opened up the green life channel for the residents.