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Kaiping City has solidly carried out scheduled training before the new military service, allowing the “prospective recruits” to enter the “military camp mode” in advance.
  • Update:2019-08-27

In order to further consolidate the ideological foundation of the scheduled new recruits to perform military service according to law, on August 25, the Municipal People's Armed Forces organized 213 youths with “physical examination and political assessment” in the city to conduct a 7-day closed campaign at the Jiangmen City National Defense Education and Training Base. Pre-adapted education and training helped to prepare new recruits to lay a solid foundation for the ideological and physical foundations of joining the army and protecting the country.

"Attention, one meter apart, look to the right..., look forward! Prepare for push-ups, the first group of 20, start!" On the training ground, despite the unusually hot weather and hard training, wearing a camouflage suit The prospective recruits are very handsome and masculine, and they all strictly demand themselves with a military standard. They fully demonstrate the good spirit of the new recruits, and demonstrate the good image of Kaiping soldiers with excellent military and political quality.

Pre-service training is the first step for the new recruits to enter the military camp. In order to do a good job in this pre-service education and training, the Municipal People’s Armed Forces will draw 30 outstanding military cadres and veterans from the city to serve as military and political training instructors. And the army's one-day living system scientifically formulates a training plan, adopting the principle of “simulated organization, regularized training, closed management, and full elimination”, in accordance with the “four docking” approach (ie: docking force formation – simulation The organization, the standard of docking troops - regularized training, the life of the docking troops - the military management, the military culture of the docking forces - all-round edification), the implementation of the ideological and political education, military training, military service regulations, incorruptible conscription, etc. The aim is to help the new recruits to be enlisted in the motives, to firm their determination, to find out the unqualified personnel in a timely manner, and to effectively select new recruits with solid ideological foundation, high physical and mental quality, and high cultural and chemical history, and send them to the army.

In early September, the Municipal Conscription Office will hold a meeting of the Sunshine Forces, taking into account the "double qualified" youth participation in the training, taking the computer to shake the number of the way to the military, and finally selected 190 outstanding recruits, will be shipped to the troops in mid-September.